Product Care

Thank you for purchasing an Undercoverwork product.

Please use with confidence, knowing each piece has been designed for comfort and durability.

General Care

Most products are fully machine washable on a regular cycle, and can be dried in a moderate dryer.

For best results, please air dry pillows, and items containing rosebud minkie,

Please hand wash and air-dry hats with flower/tulle embellishments, or those made of lace or other delicate fabric. Tulle and lace can be trimmed with sharp scissors if required.

Ribbons on products are not structural, and can be removed without affecting the wear or function of your product. Please check ribbons periodically to ensure they remain securely attached.

Bows can be retied using the same method used for shoelaces.  Tie tightly and fan out for best results!

Questions? Please contact us at 888-489-4815 or email