Baby Talk

A new year, like a new baby, is full of promise and possibility. There is a feeling of renewal, and the expectation that wonderful things are about to happen.

Looking at the first year in the life of a child, it is nothing short of miraculous how much they learn and change in a few short months. For parents, it can be really be a surprise to see how quickly their little ones meet important milestones, and develop their own, very definite personalities.

Happy 2019, everyone! We hope your year is filled with joy, health and happiness.

For those lucky enough to have a new little one, happy first year! Enjoy every minute.


What’s New?

Happy New Year! May 2019 be a year of peace and happiness for you and your family.

Before I began sewing I never realized that fabrics go in and out of style just like everything else. In the world of babies, while there are certainly the classics, colours, patterns and trends  are constantly evolving. From the jungle to the forest, even animals become trendy, with themes and colour palettes taking their turn at being in demand. Our products are designed with an eye to making the essential, beautiful, and at Undercoverwork our fabrics are carefully chosen, and our styles updated, to keep up with the current trends. We make every attempt to stock fabrics, colours and patterns that are currently in demand, while retaining a full line of both the classic and unusual. We are also happy to source fabrics for specific requests. Please visit our fabric galleries, or contact us for specialty items.