Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate custom orders on all of our products.

Is shipping available?

Yes, we are pleased to ship worldwide. We use multiple carriers shopping for the best rate on each order.

How do I care for my purchase?

Our products are meant to be easy care, and, with the exception of some hats, all are fully machine washable. Please see ‘Product Care’ for more details.

What are the ribbons for?

The ribbons are a design element meant to enhance the beauty and function of the product, and to provide texture and interest. They are not structural and may be removed without affecting the durability of your purchase. Please check periodically to make sure they remain firmly attached. 

How are the bows re-tied?

Retie using the same method you use for shoelaces. Tie tightly and fan out for a beautiful bow!

Why pillows?

The pillows were originally made to place under mom’s arm when she was feeding baby. They are big enough to give the necessary support, without being hot and confining. Pillows should not be placed in the crib with an infant.