What My Customers Have Taught Me

- You can 'Sleep Train' your infant using Ribbon Tug Loveys.

I happened to overhear a customer recommending tugs to another, obviously pregnant, customer. She was explaining how, when her kids were newborn, she would place a tug on her shoulder and rock baby until it was drowsy, but not sleeping. She then put baby and tug to bed, allowing the baby to finish putting itself to sleep. She went on to explain that she now has four kids who all go to bed easily as long as they have their tugs. Worth a try?

 Everybody who knew me in my first 47 years would have agreed on a couple of things.  I was the least likely person on the planet to sew, and equally, the least likely person on to start a business. To start a sewing business and make a living at it wouldn't even have been in the realm of possibility.

BaBIES ARE PURE MAGIC AND CEATE POSSIBILITIES WHERE NONE PREVIOUSLY EXISTED. But Babies are magical. They are completely new, and create possibilities where none previously existed. . 

At that time what I didn't know about sewing was, well, everything...

What I don't know about sewing now is only, well, most things...