Are your products Handmade?

Yes! With the exception of dolls & stuffed toys, our products are handmade by myself or our daughter-in-law, Erica.

Are Your Products Washable?

Yes! All of our handmade products are machine washable; however, we recommend that lace bonnets and hats with tulle embellishments be hand washed for best results.

How About the Dryer?

Many our  products are dryer safe, however, as minkie is polyester, hot dryers can be very hard on the finish and we recommend air drying. Rosebud minkie is NOT dryer friendly. Quilts air dry quickly because of the high loft batting, and although they can go in the dryer, it is recommended they be air dried for best long term results. Pillows dry quickly, and again, for best results, should be air dried.

Can I Remove the Bows?

Yes! The bows are NOT structural, and they can be removed without affecting the wear of the product. The bows add texture and interest for baby and have been reinforced to withstand curious little fingers. Please remove bows that become loose.                                     

Why Pillows?

Pillows were originally intended as an armrest when feeding (Those little heads can get so heavy!) Pillows have also been used as photo props or simply as nursery decor. They are not intended for crib use.